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Gayle Barrett





Soul Management Coaching consists of so many things. Using Soul retrieval, Soul Understanding, Future Life Progression, Cord Cutting, Confidence Management, Breaking the habits from the Past, Calling your guides and Angels in, Meeting your spirit guides, working with the spirit world 1-2-1.

It is a way of enriching the soul, and it's energy vibration to be able to feel whole again, the cords of the past can be completely broken, energy reclaimed, all this can be done by first visiting the future to be able to see what you could be like 1-2 years down the line if you don't have the coaching and a future progression.

There are many ways of doing this, as we all give out a certain energy frequency and if yours is low and you don't know why, this is a fantastic way of finding out.

You can find out if you are a new soul or an old soul and what your purpose is. 

You can learn your soul programming from Spirit world to the Earth Plane. 

You will have the option of retrieving any parts of your soul lost and also be able to Astral Travel. Get back the confidence you have lost within yourself, learn not to take on other people's problems, you are not here to save the world, just to help you, help others, help themselves, to achieve a better planet and world for future generations. You can make a difference just by taking the the first step, then the next. 


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